Pride House Vancouver Official Pendant to commemorate the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup

Kiwkw Offical Pendant of Pride House Vancouver

June 4, 2015 – (Vancouver, BC) Pride House Vancouver reveals the official pendant for the pavilion to help commemorate the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup. “Kwikw” eagle with soccer ball created by Olympic medal designer Corrine Hunt, and master jeweler, Sandra Bars. The Kiwkw, silver necklace, features an eagle and an equal sign on one side and a soccer ball on the other.

Proceeds of the sale of this limited edition, collectors’ item benefit Equal Play FC, a non-profit organization dedicated to creating positive changes for girls and women on and off the field using the excitement of the FIFA Women’s World Cup as a catalyst.

The eagle is the ruler of the sky and has the ability to transform itself. It represents power and prestige. Corrine Hunt, designer of the pendant, went on to explain, “I support this campaign because soccer is good for everybody and equality, inclusion, and soccer is even better.”
Kwikw official Pendant for Pride House Vancouver at the FIFA Womens World Cup

Carrie Serwetnyk, former Canadian Women’s soccer national team player, first woman inductee in the Canadian Soccer Hall of Fame and now the executive director at Equal Play FC, said, “We are honoured that Pride House Vancouver has chosen the Kwikw as the official pendant for this historical pavilion. Pride House continues to create visibility for gender and sexual minorities in sports. The Kwikw and the symbolism that Corrine Hunt has been able to create echoes this important message in rising up to be strong, confident and authentic both on and off the field.

Kwikw is available online at starting at $59.99 plus taxes and shipping and handling. A limited 14-kart gold edition is also available starting at $280. Limited quantities of the pendents will also be available at Pride House Vancouver June 26 – July 5th, 2015.


Pride House Vancouver will be located within the heart of Vancouver’s gay village at the brand new Club XYYVR, 1216 Bute Street, Vancouver.

About Pride House:

Pride House is a pavilion in which to celebrate sport and to provide a seed bed for creating a dialogue on homophobia within sport as well as homophobia/transphobia in general. The pavilion is a safe and inclusive space for GSM (Gender + Sexual Minorities) to be able to come together and take in the match, experience various queer arts and culture, and to connect with other like-minded people. Pride House was instrumental in creating the opportunity for the International Olympic Committee to update Principle 6 to include sexual orientation under their non discrimination policy. We are proud that Pride House and the Pride House movement is a legacy from the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games.

Past + Future Pride Houses:

2010 – Vancouver Olympic Winter Games
2012 – Poland + Ukraine Euro Cup
2012 – London Olympic Summer Games
2014 – Sochi Olympic Winter Games (Russian government denied pavilion; global remote Pride Houses initiated in solidarity instead)
2014 – Sao Paulo FIFA Men’s World Cup
2014 – Glasgow Commonwealth Games
2015 – Vancouver FIFA Women’s World Cup
2015 – Toronto Pan American Games
2016 – Rio Olympic Summer Games