Vancouver Pride 2017 Review

The 39th annual Vancouver Pride 2017 Parade and Festival is one that will no doubt go down in the history books as one of the best. Perhaps it was the weather of being hot and dry? Was it the smoky haze from the BC Wildfires that helped to keep the intensity of the sun in check and creating an ery orange/red glow over the city? Or maybe it was an influx of LGBT Americans coming North to embrace the warm Canadian hospitality (and to take advantage of the strong US dollar). Could it be that the LGBT community were united and the mood in the city was full of love and caring? Topping it off Vancouver Pride 2017 had an unexpected surprise visit from Netflix’s original series – Sense8 cast and crew.


The Sense8 cast led by the very passionate co-creator, Lana Wachowski, visited Vancouver last week to film part of their special “Birthday thank you message” and their very first Facebook Live Q & A with their fans.

When asked why Vancouver? Lana candidly replied, “Vancouver is quintessentially Canadian. The people, the city everyone is so warm and welcoming. Vancouver is so friendly and when we think of Canada, and we think of hope this is what we think of.” She went on to share that Vancouver is easy to get to and it only made sense that they would come here and celebrate pride with us.

Lana and the cast were very generous with their time in answering questions from their fans and to take hundreds of selfies, me included. One of the most common questions asked of Lana was “how do we save Sense8? How do we get Season 3?” Lana responded that they had just experience the impossible. The fans with their outpouring of love, the petitions, the comments and creative campaigns had an impact on Netflix.

“… admire the holy shitness of it all and be in the gratitude that people can make a difference in this world.” She went on to say that it was the fans that went on to save the series” and that if each person creates their own cluster of 8 and they in turn share, watch, and subscribe [to Netflix: Sense8] and we get the numbers up then we will win. We do not know the numbers, but everything is measured [by Netflix]. When you watch the shows. When you stop, rewind and re-watch. What device you are watching from. It is all measured.”

Sense8 on Social at Vancouver Pride 2017


Vancouver Pride 2017 – Daily Hive Highlight Reel

Our friends at the Daily Hive composed the following Vancouver Pride 2017 highlight reel of the parade day and Davie Street Party. From the video you can feel the energy and excitement. Vancouver is very special and we have a lot to be thankful for. This year’s parade was no doubt one of the more colourful in recent memories.

Though the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau did not march this year (he is spreading his love and marched in Halifax, NS instead) he did send someone that was just as significant if not more so. Minister of National Defence, MP Harjit Sajjan celebrated Vancouver Pride on the SHER Vancouver Bollywood inspired float. Providing much needed visibility to LGBT South Asians.

“This is very important symbolically as he’s a very senior federal cabinet minister. By doing this act in public, he has sent out the message that LGBTs of our community need to be treated with respect, dignity and equality. It’s one thing for an activist like me to shout about this but it’s different when people in positions of power do that.”Alex Sangha, Founder of Sher Vancouver

You Can Play – Olympians at Vancouver Pride 2017

It was also very exciting to see how engaged the Vancouver Sports community has been in this year’s pride celebrations. Last month all the major sport organizations were out for the annual Pride Sports Day including the Whitecaps (Professional Soccer), BC Lions (NFL), Vancouver Canucks (NHL) and many other sport clubs. Whistler Pride and Pride House had the opportunity to march with You Can Play, ViaSports and Team Canada at this year’s parade.


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Vancouver’s Pride week also included Fireworks, and mega parties

Vancouver was much more than just a parade. The city was alive with the annual fireworks celebrations that took place on the Wednesday and Saturday of Pride. An estimated 1,00,000+ lined the beaches from Spanish Banks all the way to Third Beach and beyond. The Celebration of light put Team Japan, Team Great Britain and Team Canada head to head. Though Canada did close the show, it would be Team Japan with their artistry and colours that would take home the gold.


Celebrate – Let’s Dance Vancouver!

Vancouver Pride 2017 had their fair share of incredible dance parties to choose from. One of the highlights from the week was the incredible beats spun by Israel DJ Yinon Yahel. Yes, if the name sounds familiar you are correct. Yinon has performed at Whistler Pride in the past and he just seems to get better every time we see him.


Parting comments…

Wow, Vancouver Pride you did an amazing job. So many community events, fund raisers leading up to the big Parade Day, the Pride Cruises and parties. Special thank you to the Loden Hotel Vancouver that helped us with our Summer Pride Contest.

Now our attention will shift to Vancouver’s Queer Film Festival (August 10-20). This is one of the most celebrated film festivals giving back to the kids. Making our schools safer and more inclusive.


Next week (Sat., Aug. 19th) is the Pride Night with the Whitecaps FC vs. Houston Dynamo hosted by the Unstoppable Conni Smudge. Click here if you want to win tickets to this game!


and then Whistler’s Pride (January 21-28, 2018) so make sure you book early and save. Best value is booking by August 31st. As Vancouver’s Drag extraordinary Queen – Miss Gloria Hole says…

Book by August 31 and Save for Whistler Pride and Ski Festival Jan 21-28, 2018