Notorious Margaret Cho headlines Whistler Pride Night of Comedy

Margaret Cho, two time Grammy and recent Emmy nominee as well as being honored by LA Pride with a Lifetime Achievement Award, recognizing an individual whose lifetime body of work has left a lasting major imprint on the LGBT community. Through her hard work, Margaret has had the opportunity to be heard, to extend her point of view and become regarded as a true pioneer in her field. She takes none of it for granted. “It’s a wonderful thing to be known as a ‘safe haven’ for people. A lot people who come to my shows don’t necessarily consider themselves traditional comedy fans. I seem to be a safe alternative for people who don’t think they’re being represented in society. They come because my point of view satisfies a lot of what needs to be said out there, and that makes me really proud.”

Margaret Cho is best known for her racy stand-up comedy. Her show has been described as a complicated and completely original take on sex, queer politics, drugs, guns, identity and madness, proving time and time again, boundaries uncrossed are meaningless. Margaret is also an accomplished television and film actress having received an Emmy nomination as guest comedy actress for her role as Kim Jong-Il on the hit TV series 30 Rock.

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Notorious Margaret Cho in bed with Joan Rivers