Skincerity at Pride House Vancouver 2015

Pride House is pleased to be working with NuCerity Distributors to help you look your best both on and off the field at the FIFA Women’s World Cup. NuCerity’s flagship product, Skincerity is the world’s first and only breathable masque designed to help you look your best. NuCerity distributors will be at Pride House Vancouver hosted by XY at 1216 Bute Street to answer any of your questions. Limited product available at a special Pride House rate.
NuCerity distributors at Pride House
June 28: 4PM – 8pm
June 29: 4pm – 8pm
July 1: 1pm – 5pm
July 2: 4pm – 8pm
NuCerity distributors will also provide an opportunity for you to learn the business side of this revolutionary product line and how you can earn a new income stream.

Skincerity facts:

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– World’s First & Only breathable masque, Non prescriptive medical technology for the skin. A night treatment that rehydrates, rejuvenates and repairs the skin.
– holds 4 technology patents, trademarked
– Additional Research for Skincerity funded by National Institutes of Health, Grants for research division. 5 Million dollars invested in Skincerity from NIH
– Original medical purpose was as a topical delivery system for antibiotics, to keep antibiotics in constant contact with the skin.
– By chance, skincerity was discovered to have anti aging qualities, when antibiotic was taken out.
The product we know today as Skincerity, has Vitamin E & Grapeseed Oil, 2 powerful antioxidants that aid in healing & work from the inside out.
– So unique is Skincerity, it is a category creating product, singularily unique, there is no other
product like Skincerity in the market today.
– NuCerity International is the creator of barrier technology.

InStyle Australia review of Skincerity
InStyle Australia review of Skincerity

– There are over 40 known skin applications for Skincerity … from anti aging application to eczema, rosacea, scars (new and old), burns, acne, stretch marks, bug bites, bee stings, cuts, scraps and much more.
– Due to the unique rollerball technology, and anti-microbial in the product, when rolled on the skin is cleans up to 98.9% of bacteria from the surface of the skin and as the masque flash dries, it creates an invisible “second skin” film with microscopic air holes, allowing oxygen to penetrate the masque, therefore aiding the skin in the healing process of its own natural arena, along with the antioxidants Vitamin E and Grapeseed Oil that are now in constant contact with the skin. This creates the perfect environment for rehydrating, rejuvenation and repair of the skin.

About Nucerity

A Houston Texas based company
3 Founders who have been business partners for over 30 years. Their previous business success was owing the largest dermatological group in the state of Texas and Southern USA. They sold the practices to their Derm doctors upon buying the rights to what we now know as Skincerity, NuCerity Internationals flag ship product. NuCerity has chosen to promote their products via the business model of Word of Mouth Marketing, also known as Network marketing. NWM is now considered the business model of the 21st century due to its many appealing business characteristics, such as working from home, unlimited earning potential, and global offering. Company celebrated 5 years in April 2015.

Melissa Deally
Nucerity Independent Distributor # 196032

Skincerity Before + After video

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